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This is a decoration for the Tanabata Festival on July 7.

Japan /

I took a video, but I didn't save it because I neglected to check it. I'm sorry that the wind was nice.

come from the sad story of the couple who can meet by a festival of the Milky Way only once a year. I tie up the paper which I wrote own wish to bamboo grass in such decoration. By the way, I am writing it, but, for the decorations in one of the job that I commit, do not yet have it realized for 4 consecutive years if I want an apartment with an ocean view.

Such an event goes in a school and a hospital, the welfare institution, but thinks that I hardly perform it at the home if bamboo grass is hard to be available and displays it because big space is necessary.

If you would also like to receive your digital image, send your insight.

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