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Poor, but not poor

Korea /

Hello, I'm Yuri, Choi. I'm 29. I live with a lovely cat. His name is Yuto. And I am a Korean poet. Poor, but not poor! I took this picture this year. This is a reproduction of the streets of Korea in the 1970s. The 1970s was when my mom was a student. I went back to those days and wore the old school uniform my mom wore. I smiled broadly. I'm a person who doesn't laugh very well. So it's awkward to look at this picture. Because I suffered from depression for a long time. Poor because of my childhood.. The less fortunate in my twenties.. Because of the numerous sexual harassment of 'them'... My mom looked at me in this picture and thought of her school days. My mom looked pretty happy. It was the moment when my mother and I crossed. Now I want to be happy. With my mother. With my cat. Can I do that? How dare I be free?


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